Friday, 3 July 2020

Design Task - Blue Whale

Measurement: Perimeter

Friday: Writing Task

On a sunny afternoon with the shiny sun shining into my eyes. Me and my
friend kolotita went fishing on the dock. We got out our fishing gear with
excitement in our eyes. We were so excited because we could not wait for
the yummy fish we were going to catch.

So we got our fishing gear out of the bucket and pulled out our fishing rods
out of our bags. Then we started fishing with our fishing rods. Then when
we were finished we just sat there to see if we could see any more fish we
could catch. 

Then we saw a huge tail that came out of nowhere. Then we got out of our
chairs and started searching where the creature came from. Then when we
saw what it was we were terrified. The suspicious creature was a Massive
Blue Whale.