Friday, 22 March 2019

Number of the Day

Lost Outfit

LOST outfit!!!

My outfit has a purple t shirt and a skirt that is a  flower rainbow skirt. Also my beautiful purple shoes. Also my t shirt is a size 14 and my skirt is size 12 and my shoes are size 5 or 6 so please find them.

Mt Wellington Portman Street.   
REWARD.Your reward is going to be a puppy our a kitten our you can get both.

Use your Imagination

Use your Imagination

Why was Clare bored?
Because she did not have anything to do.
Why did Clare change her mind about going to the library?
Because she promised that she will be home by 12.
Why was Clare going to be late home?
Because she wanted to finish the story.
How did Clare control where she was going when she was flying?
Because it is her imagination.
Describe the place where Clare landed?
She landed on the bridge.
Why do you think no one was in the boats?
Because it was her imagination.
Why do you think the author decide to have Clare’s mum surrounded by books?
Because she loves reading.
What is the main message of this story?
Use your imagination.

Describe your place. My place has some dolphins and some  beautiful ocean and some stones and shells that are so precious to me.
What would you do there? Swim and be it forever.
How would you feel when you were there?amazing.