Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Highlights of the year in The Block

The manaiakalani film festival was a highlight of my year.
A highlight about it was that I got to present at night. 

When I was finished presenting the movie came on and everybody started laughing.

Riverside camp was a highlight of my year.
A highlight was that I got to dance in front of my family with my group.
Also we got to play on a playground with 2 trampolines.

Swimming was a highlight of my year.
A highlight was that I got to learn how to swim.
Also I can teach my cousin how to swim.

Baking piglets was a highlight of my year.
A highlight was that I got to eat some.
And it is like little pancakes.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Origami Fish

Today we learnt how to make a Origami Fish it was so fun to make the sea wed and the fish the best part was dying our paper the sea wed was kind of hard because it was hard to cut.

Friday, 9 August 2019

My Jellyfish

Today me and my class made jellyfish and me and you are going to learn how to make one with paper and steamers. Step 1 you have to get a peace of paper and cut it up into a semi circle. Step 2 pick a pa-tan and draw it on your semi circle shape. Step 3 colour your semi circle in with three colours. Step 4 take 2 colours of streamers like mine. Then put your glue at the bottom of your semi circle then put your streamers on and then you are done.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

My Sandwich

This term The Block has been making sandwiches with Mr Vogt. Mr Vogt has a place called maker space is a place where you make stuff it is super duper fun because I made a sandwich with juice tomato slices and some crunchy salad we made sandwiches to be healthy and think.  We got our bread to make our sand which so we could make our sandwiches. We putted some sores topping in our bread and to get our veges. My colour bread was white and in my sandwich I had some cheese , tomato , crunchy salad and cucumber. We started to do our wraps and do our own wrapper my sandwich was called the cheesy sandwich. I felt amazing and happy and it was my first time making a sandwich by my self.     

Friday, 22 March 2019

Number of the Day

Lost Outfit

LOST outfit!!!

My outfit has a purple t shirt and a skirt that is a  flower rainbow skirt. Also my beautiful purple shoes. Also my t shirt is a size 14 and my skirt is size 12 and my shoes are size 5 or 6 so please find them.

Mt Wellington Portman Street.   
REWARD.Your reward is going to be a puppy our a kitten our you can get both.

Use your Imagination

Use your Imagination

Why was Clare bored?
Because she did not have anything to do.
Why did Clare change her mind about going to the library?
Because she promised that she will be home by 12.
Why was Clare going to be late home?
Because she wanted to finish the story.
How did Clare control where she was going when she was flying?
Because it is her imagination.
Describe the place where Clare landed?
She landed on the bridge.
Why do you think no one was in the boats?
Because it was her imagination.
Why do you think the author decide to have Clare’s mum surrounded by books?
Because she loves reading.
What is the main message of this story?
Use your imagination.

Describe your place. My place has some dolphins and some  beautiful ocean and some stones and shells that are so precious to me.
What would you do there? Swim and be it forever.
How would you feel when you were there?amazing.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Learning to post

Today we are learning how to post a story and a photo on our blogs. I am using my very own Chromebook for the first time. We can do lots of fun things with our Chromebooks. Thank you to my whanau for giving me this lovely present.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Elimination Tag

On monday morning the block went to the park to play elimination tag. Then we started to get ready for the game to start and then we had two games. The Taggers were jaycob campball and Leonora. Then all the other kids went to runaway on the park. I was not the last one to get off the park. Also my favorite part was being with my friends.

About Me

Hi my name is Lynette I am 7 years old. My school that I go to is pt England school. My favourite thing is swimming bike riding and dancing I am Tongan and Samoan. I also love my family. Also the food that I like is ice cream and my favourite sport is netball. Also please leave me a comment.

Sand Castle

What I did was a sand activity. how to make a sand castle is buy getting a shovel and a bucket. Then you flip your bucket then your have a sand castle.