Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Zoo

Last thursday the block went to the zoo in a bus. On the way to the zoo all of the children could

‘not fit in the same bus lucky we had another bus Then Mr Moran started a Maori song then we got to the zoo and we followed a zookeeper. then we went to a meeting spot when we were done searching we went in groups of 7 or 6 or 5 or 4 my group was in 7 my teacher was Miss Scanlan my friend Kolotita she put her lunch box in my bag. After that we went to see the giraffe and zebra next we went to see the elephant and it was massive after we went to the meeting spot then we had morning tea and I had a sandwich. I saw a lion and a rhino, my group was late to go to the meeting spot, everyone was waiting for us to eat lunch I had a cookie and popcorn and a muffin it was yummy! Next we got to go wherever we want we went to see the red panda it was scary for me next we went to see the flamingo and baboon next we went to the park. Toilet for a few

girls. Then we went to the pigs after that we had to go back to school on the way to school some kids wear sleeping just like me.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

My catapult

Yesterday we made catapults. After we made the catapults we got given pom pom’s. then we had a fight frome shooting the pompom away. then I shot miss Kings phone and Angel. After we had a chalings between boys and girls. How to make a catapult is when you have 4 ice block sticks and 2 more iceblock sticks then you need saletape to tape them together. The best thing that I liked was shooting miss kings phone.