Thursday, 10 September 2020

My Pirate Crew

 On a nice and sunny day I was getting ready to be the captain of a new pirate crew. Today I was picking who is going to be in my crew. The first person that pooped up in my head was my BFF Kolotita.

The second person I chose that did not pop up in my heap was my other BFF Khyani. Khyani and Kolotita have been my besties since we were in year 2. We were looking for the next person to be in our group. The third person that was going to be in our pirate crew was my little brother.

Since we already had 3 people we just needed 4 more people. We were aiming for 7 people on the ship and in our crew. Our ship that we would all go on was going to be the color brown that had 7 bedrooms underneath the ship with our very own bathroom. We also have our own brandnew Uniform that will be the color black with belts and heaps of silver Buckles.

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