Friday, 29 May 2020

Google Quiz - Thanos

Google Quiz

Question 1) Where was Thanos born? 
-> 1010-1018
Question 2) How old is Thanos?
-> 1,000 years old
Question 3) Who defeats Thanos in Endgame?
-> Iron Man
Question 4) Which hero does Thanos never meet? 
-> Rocket Raccoon
Question 5) Who is Thanos’ greatest enemy in the comics?
-> Adam Warlock
Question 6) In Endgame, who sacrificed themselves so that Thanos and his army would no longer exist? 
-> Avengers
Question 7) What is Thanos’ height and weight? 
-> height is 6'7'' and weight is 985 lbs

Thanos' Journey

If I was Thanos I would have got the infinity stones to make me powerful so I could rule the world. If I was an Avenger I would stop Thanos and take the stones of him and put them back where it belongs. 

If I was Thanos I would let the whole entire world bow before me. If I was an Avenger I would take Thanos down so that he can stop what he is doing.

If I was Thanos I would never ever ever listen to anyone but me myself and I. If I was an Avenger I would listen to anyone.

If I was Thanos I would take the whole universe into my hands and make everyone do what I say. If I was an Avenger I would put everyone into their normal life and make them live happily ever after.

If I was Thanos I would never let anyone ruin my life. If I was an Avenger I would stop whatever I was doing and go and save the world.

Thanos - Questions

Thanos - Questions
1) Where is Thanos from?
a) Whanganui b) The Moon
c) Titan d) Storm
2) What were the infinity stones supposed to do?
a) Decorate the Gauntlet b) Wipe half the universe
c) Destroy the Avengers d) Diamonds prepared for a wedding ring
3) What were Thanos’ daughters' names?
a) Gamora and Nebula b) Blossom and Bubbles
c) Amaya and Raven d) Black Widow and Catwoman
4) What else is Thanos known as?
a) Father b) Idol
c) Mr Goodwin d) Lord
5) Avengers and Thanos once worked as a team.
a) True b) False
6) Why did Thanos want to wipe out half of the universe? 
a) so he could be the strongest alive. b) people would always bow down to him.
c) bring stability to the universes’ resources. d) so he could live forever.
7) Between what years was Thanos said to be born?
a) 1013 - 1018 b) 2018 - 2023
c) 1990 - 1996 d) 1111 - 1114
8) Team Avengers or Team Thanos - which team would you choose?
a) Avengers b) Thanos
9) How did Thanos die?
 ->  Thanos died by Iron man from Iron man having his Infinity Gauntlet and
turning into dust.
10) Explain Thanos’ main objective and what he needed to do:
 -> Thanos' goal is to eliminate half the life in the universe using the
stones' incredible power, but he doesn't do that for no reason.
Thanos believes that the only way to save the universe is to thin out
the life in it, to eliminate conflict for resources that would otherwise lead
to death and suffering.

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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Cruella de Vil Writing

Cruella de Vil is the worst evil villain because she would never care about anything except for furry things. Cruella de Vil is even not very kind and carries a cigarette with her all around the place. She even wanted the 15 puppies to kill with their furry coats.

Cruell de Vil even has a sense of fashion. She even has 2 colours of hair. They are Black on the right hand side and White on the left hand side. She is also a devil woman and a witch and thinks she is the person ruling the world.
She wants to even kill 99 defamation puppies to use their fur.
 She thinks that she can steal the puppies with her 2 bodyguards.

She even heard the guards to get the dogs and make another furry coat just and only for herself. She doesn’t even Think for one person or thing besides her furry coat and the puppies. She is not a nice person to anyone and never ever ever not even once be kind in her life.

I wouldn't want to be like her when I grow up, never in my life. No one is worse than her, never worse only herself is the worst evil villain or witch in the world.

She is so scary that she is creepy like her hair. She sounds like a creepy vampire with the voice of a monster. I could even be scared of her furry coat with the big black triangles on it.

Cruella de Vil - Questions

Cruella de Vil - Questions
1) Who wrote the original book, The Hundred and One Dalmatians?
a) Dorothy Smith b) Donald Sanson 
c) Dodie Smith d) Dodie Sanson
2) When was this book written?
a) 2000 b) 1850
c) 1961 d) 1956
3) How could you describe the first 101 Dalmatians movie?
a) Animated b) Live-action
4) Why did Cruella de Vil want the Dalmatian puppies so much?
a) She wanted lots of puppies to make her life more interesting b) She wanted company
c) She wanted to make a fur coat d) She wanted to win a world record
5) What are the names of Cruella de Vil’s accomplices?
a) Jasper and Henry b) Jasper and Horace
c) Wallace and Gromet d) Tweety and Sylvester
6) Who did Cruella steal puppies from?
a) Anita Dearly b) Anita Darling
c) Anita Lovely c) Anita Caring
7) What two characteristics are mentioned in the song lyrics about Cruella de Vil??
a) Her hair and her fingernails b) Her eyes and her nose
c) Her lips and her stare d) Her teeth and her eyebrows
8) Who should beware of Cruella de Vil, as mentioned in the song?
 a) Children b) Puppies
c) The Prime Minister d) Mr Goodwin
9) Would you like to come face to face with Cruella de Vil? Why or why not?
Never because I don't want her scaring me off or bossing me around. 

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Tom Riddle at Hogwarts

On a sunny evening I received a letter in my mailbox. The letter said that I got into Hogwarts school. I was so excited to receive the letter but at the same time I was nervous and afraid of all the wizards and powerful people I was going to meet.

So state away I started to pack my bags and get ready for the big day. 2 weeks later I received a call from the school and said that I was coming to school TOMORROW. The next day I went to school and took my first step inside Hogwarts and I got nervous again and again.

Suddenly a creepy person came up to me and said in a creepy voice GET READY. So at the same time I screamed as loud as I could for someone to come and take me but as I walked along the hall way a really scary crecher grinned at me.

Google Quiz - Voldemort

Google Quiz
Question 1) Who played the teenage Tom Riddle in the movie? 
-> Frank Stephenson Dillane
Question 2) When did J.K. Rowling start writing the Harry Potter series?
-> 1990
Question 3) When was Voldemort Born?
-> 31 December 1926
Question 4) How tall is Voldemort?
->  around 6'4"-6"
Question 5) Who were Tom Riddle’s parents?
-> Mum, Merope Gaunt and Dad Tom Riddle Sr.
Question 6) In which book does Voldemort give Harry his scar?
-> Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Question 7) In which book does Voldemort return to the wizard world?
-> The Goblet of fire
Question 8) Why did Voldemort give Harry a scar?
-> A scar on Harry Potter's forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt is the result of a failed murder attempt by Lord Voldemort on 31 October, 1981, when he struck 15-month-old Harry with the Killing Curse. Harry is the only known person to survive the curse because his mother's loving sacrifice protected him.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Megatron's Hunt

 On a stormy day at pt england school an evil villain came to the school. The evil villain’s name was Megatron. Megatron was cross at the human’s for taking over the Earth so he thought about destroying planet Earth.
So he started of climping over building’s and stomping on them with a side of homes and shops near
 pt england school. Suddenly he grabbed a whole classroom filled with 50 children and 5 teachers inside of the classroom.

I could even hear people screaming with fear as Megatron destroyed the whole entire school. I could even smell exploding guns coming out of Megatron's soot and burning hot fire around me. I felt scared while looking around me shaking with terore. It was making me think about what bad things would happen to the school.


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Monday, 25 May 2020

Google Quiz - Trunchbull

Google Quiz

Use Google to find out the answers to these questions.
You may need to open links, and read, but the answers are there.

Question 1) Who played Miss Trunchbull in the 1996 movie ‘Matilda’? 
-> Pam Ferris

Question 2) What year did Roald Dahl write the character Miss Truncbull?
-> In 1988

Question 3) How old is Miss Trunchbull?
-> she was 48 in the movie and 68 know

Question 4) Is Miss Trunchbill over 6 feet tall?
-> no

Question 5) What are the three formats that Miss Trunchbull has appeared in? I.e. Movie + ? + ?
-> she was in a book she was in a movie and she is even in a musical

Question 6) In the story of Matilda, who does the Trunchbull buy her car from?
->  Harry Wormwood

Trunchbull - Crack the code