Friday, 15 June 2018


A long long time ago there were seven sisters they made kites to celebrate matariki day. The first sister made a green kite the second sister made an orange kite. All of the seven sisters made any colours they wanted. Then the seven sisters went up a mountain to fly their kites kites up and down the hill. They did not fly their kites yet because there was no wind. That night the seven sister fell asleep then someone blow the seven sisters kites away then the seventh sister woke up. Then she said where are our kites then she woke up her other sisters then they all said where are our kites. They blew away up up high into the sky. Then they all said to the stars you can have our kites.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Wheels Day

On Friday at lunchtime l went on my scooter with my friend Qweenie at pt England
School and we had to give our teacher a 2 dola our 1 dola for the year 8 year camp. At lunchtime me and Qweenie went to the big kids chrack there was a bump to ride on then my kazin swade came after that Angel came to. Then we had a race but Qweein was gone after that l had lots of turns buy my souf and my best friend Angel then the boul went to go back to class and we set on the mat to do fun day friday in the afternoon me and Angel did math whizz then it was home time for the block. I hope we have Wheels Day again next year.