Thursday, 17 September 2020

Writing - Antarctic Animals

 The Big Melt Down

Dear Diary:

Today I Lynette the Penguin was going to see

what was making the icy water super warm.

It was weird when the icy cold water started

to be warmer than usual.

We were sad because then the ice would melt

and we were going to sink into the warm


I was so sad that my brain almost exploded.

I went crazy over the problem that the ice

was going to melt so I wobbled as fast as I

could to just see my friend.

I felt like I was so crazy over 1 little thing. 

Finally I found out that I might be the sun

melting our ice into water.

It was also unfair because the seals could

swim under water and Penguins can not

swim under water.

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