Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Tues: Response to Text

 Peter Pan


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1. What city in London is the Darling family from?

a) Bloomsbury b) Blackpool

b) Buckinghamshire d) Bristol

2. Who told stories about Peter Pan?

a) Tinker Bell b) Wendy Darling

b) Captain Hook d) Tiger Lily

3. Why did Mr Darling get mad at Wendy?

a) He wanted her to get married b) He wanted her to listen to others

c) He wanted her to grow up d) He wanted her to become the new nanny

4. Captain Hook and his crew didn’t hear a splash when Wendy took the plank because..?

a) of magic b) there was no water below

c) the crocodile ate her d) Peter Pan saved her

5. True or false: Peter Pan has to meet the right person so that he can grow up?

a) True b) False

6. Who is Captain Hook to Peter Pan?

a) Best friend b) Brother

c) Dad d) Archnemesis

7. What is the name of Peter Pan’s crew?

a) The Boy Band b) The Boys

c) The Lost Boys d) The Found Boys

8. True or false: Tiger Lily gets captured by Captain Hook and his crew?

a) True b) False

9. What was the name of Captain Hook’s helper/assistant?

a) Mr Msee b) Mr Esme

c) Mr Emse d) Mr Smee

10) If you could choose a side, would you be on Team Peter Pan or would you let Captain Hook lead your team? Why?

→ I want to be on team Peter Pan Because he helps people and he knows how to fly.

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