Thursday, 10 September 2020

Thur: Response to Text

 The Pirates! 

Band of Misfits


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1. What is the original name of this film… The Pirates! In an adventure with… ?

a) Pirates b) Cowboys

b) Scientists d) Engineers

2. Who did Pirate Captain and his crew capture from the Beagle?

a) Charley Dawney b) Charles Darwin

b) Chali Derwin d) Charles Lorwin

3. Polly, Pirate Captain’s pet parrot, is the last living… ?

a) Dodo b) Parrot

c) Eagle d) Emu

4. What did the Queen tell Pirate Captain he wanted Polly for?

a) Dinner b) National Park

c) Petting Zoo d) Endangered Park for birds

5. True or False: Pirate Captain has no idea how to be a pirate?

a) True b) False

6. Who tells everyone that Pirate Captain is no longer considered a pirate anymore?

a) The Queen b) Black Bellamy

c) Charles Darwin d) Pirate Captain himself

7. What is the name of the Queen’s flagship?

a) QV1 b) QR1

c) QX1 d) QZ1

8. True or False: Black Bellamy got his treasure, pirate attire, and his pirating license taken off him?

a) True b) False

9. What caused the explosion on the Queen’s boat?

a) Baking powder and vinegar b) Baking powder and coke

c) Baking soda and vinegar d) Baking soda and coke

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