Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Story ideas China landmarks

Today I was on a school trip with my class. We were going to The Great Wall Of China. We were all so excited because we wanted to see where The Great Wall Of China would end.  Then I was just listed on the way I did not know where my class went.  

So I started looking around and there was no sign of them so I started to go back to where my class started, But the only thing that was wrong was when I was in the middle of The Great Wall Of China. So I dashed my way through people I didn’t know. 

So I started to struggle and was so exhausted but with all my strength I had left I could not run anymore. So I just gave up. But then once I reached the end of The Great Wall Of China everyone was gone so I started to be sad. Suddenly I felt something touch my shoulder. Then when I turned around I saw that my whole class was behind me.

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